15 April 2007

Distance learning on food security information reporting and analysis

The EC-FAO Food Security Information for Action Programme has produced some useful distance learning courses on different aspects of food security information. The courses are mainly designed for self-paced learning, with no personal instruction. They use the latest instructional methods in e-learning such as: personal learning paths, illustrative case studies, learner tracking, and interactive tests and exercises.

The module on 'Reporting Food Security Information' provides guidance in designing, writing and increasing the impact of food security reports in different contexts. The 4 lessons are:
  • Understanding the User's Information Needs - how to design effective food security reports for decision makers by focusing on their information needs.
  • Reporting for Results - how to write food security reports aimed at producing results by providing decision makers with actionable recommendations.
  • Writing Effective Reports - organizing and presenting food security information.
  • Reporting Formats for Food Security - selecting the right format and structure for a food security report based on its purpose and context.
Another module gives information on 'Food Security Information Systems and Networks.' It explains how to understand the main objectives of a food security information system, how key components of food security information systems support decision making processes, provides guidance in determining the types of organizations responsible for food security data collection, analysis and reporting, and illustrates how to identify the steps needed to assess and improve different information systems concerned with food security analysis.


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