11 April 2007

Mass media and agricultural policies in the Caribbean

The December 2006 issue of Agribeat by IICA and CTA contains the materials mobilised at a workshop to explore how agricultural policy information can be disseminated through the mass media.

Presenters addressed the current and emerging key regional agricultural policy issues and initiatives, the methods and techniques of agricultural policy communication and dissemination as well as the role of policy analysts and researchers in regional agricultural policy. The interactive nature of the workshop sessions allowed for creative input by participants in the preparation of news reports and articles based on the major themes presented.

According to the report, the event was "successful in addressing its objectives." It also provided a first–time opportunity for policy officers and media professionals in the Caribbean to meet face to face, open lines of communication and establish common ground for the development of a Caribbean Agricultural Reporters Network (CARN).

The use of ICTs to enhance the dissemination of agricultural policy information and foster greater awareness of it throughout the Media came out as one of the more immediate and practical recommendations of the workshop.


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