21 October 2007

AgInfo metadata, terminology, standards update

As part of the September e-agriculture week in Rome, information and knowledge managers gathered in the Eighth Agricultural Ontology Service (AOS) Workshop. The event page provides links to all the presentations and projects discussed in the meeting.

According to the meeting report, the purposes and visions of the various groups working in this area need to be mapped out and made more coherent - and "killer applications' of ontologies are needed that "put more food on the table." So we can expect further developments.

Around the same time, FAO released three related papers in its 'Agricultural
Information and Knowledge Management Papers' Series:
More on these topics at: http://www.fao.org/aims/

All documents in the 'Agricultural Information and Knowledge Management Papers' Series are available from this link: www.fao.org/documents/advanced_s_result.asp?FORM_C=AND&SERIES=339


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Blogger KurtWagner said...

I have been pushing for an ontology application in a water related theme specific to my organization. It would be great if we have some kind of guidelines on making a business case for an ontology process. What are the accepted standards from an ontology and what is the criteria in determining the need for an ontology ? This is the perspective of an absolute beginner level. I need to convince my management or they think this is just my "pet project".

October 23, 2007  

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