05 October 2007

The KID triangle - knowledge, information and data in the 'E' world

The focus of this chapter is on management of information coming into and out of the organization as well as that within the organization. Concepts of information ecology, information economy and information supply chain and their particular implications for electronically-enabled businesses are described. It further examines knowledge and knowledge management in the context of agribusiness. A model of knowledge creation is presented, and the idea of knowledge as "capital" in a business is discussed.

Source: The KID triangle - knowledge, information and data in the 'E' world: knowledge is power. / Bryceson, K. P. [University of Queensland, Australia.] / 'E' issues for agribusiness: the 'what', 'why', 'how'. Wallingford, UK; CABI: pp. 63-98. Read chapter 1 in full text (pdf format) / or buy the book.

This information is extracted from the CAB Abstracts database, available on many platforms including CAB Direct. It is provided by CABI to IAALD members and readers to enhance knowledge sharing and exchange on different aspects of information and communication in agriculture and related disciplines. Copyright CAB International, reproduced with permission.


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