07 February 2008

GTZ bulletin on agricultural knowledge sharing

Simone Staiger at the CGIAR draws our attention to a new AGRISERVICE Bulletin of GTZ looking at knowledge management in (agricultural) development cooperation.

The special issue (PDF format) has reports from a 2007 workshop.

As well as some general articles on KM in organisations, it has some interesting 'agricultural' cases....

Knowledge Generation and Facilitation in a National System for Agricultural Innovation (Bolivia)

Sustainet, the 'Sustainable Agriculture Information Network' that systematically evaluates, communicates and disseminates successful approaches to and concepts of sustainable agriculture.

Multi-Stakeholder Fora for the Management of Mobile Livestock Production Systems (Germany and Niger).

Social Networks for Information and Knowledge Management - drawing on experiences from CIAT in Latin America.

Knowledge Management and Communication in Smallholder Organisations (Ecuador)

OISAT, the Online Information Service for Non-Chemical Pest Management in the Tropics (East Africa).


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