29 May 2008

Knowledge sharing in agricultural research

After recent team discussions, the CGIAR's ICT-KM Program blogs have recently seen a flurry of (interesting) activity.

Nadia Manning blogs on why the CGIAR centers are concerned about knowledge sharing: "The 15 Centers supported by the CGIAR and their many national partners are together creating a wealth of knowledge that can help rural communities in developing countries build sustainable livelihoods. Yet, formidable obstacles to uptake and use of generated knowledge as well as impact of CGIAR agricultural research remain. One of the missing elements which has reduced the effectiveness of our research and development (R&D) efforts, is appropriate and effective knowledge sharing, both within Centers and between them and their partners."

She also introduces a 'Knowledge Sharing in Research(KSinR) Project' that looks at knowledge generation, knowledge sharing and brokering, and knowledge application; and sponsors various pilot projects.

There's lots more, including a report on the recent knowledge sharing training workshop, for which the people involved built a handy KS toolkit with lots of information on the approaches and tools used.

Check out the ICT-KM blogs; see an IAALD newsfeed of CGIAR news and updates.

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