21 September 2008

ICRISAT e-library services for agriculture in semi-arid tropics

The ICRISAT Library has developed a web-enabled e-library that hosts and links to the digital library resources on agriculture in the semi-arid tropics (SAT). Scientists inside ICRISAT use their desktops to visit this 'SAT e-library', navigating to reach the right information and download the selected items for their use.

These e-library resources are now open to partners and others through the website http://elibrary.icrisat.org.

The SAT elibrary offers access to resources developed by ICRISAT Library, but also to those relevant resources available on the internet, including:

1. SATSource Online bibliographical databases: The in-house bibliographical database holds 71,000 records on ICRISAT's crops especially information on disciplines, techniques, and methodologies useful to Global Themes (a) Biotechnology, (b) Crop improvement, (c) Agroecosystems, (d) markets, policy and impacts;

2. Serials Database - Union Catalog of serials in 15 CGIAR centers;

3. CGVLibrary - The CGIAR Virtual Library provides access to more than 160 quality resources on agricultural research, including electronic journals, databases on the Internet, in addition to the on-line libraries of the CGIAR.

4. SAT Electronic Library News - A monthly electronic Newsletter brought out by the Library to communicate research and research related information to the agricultural research community. Besides a section of current research literature on different crops, it also includes New Accessions in the ICRISAT Library, Forthcoming Conferences, Open Access articles, etc.

5. Google Search Tips - Online tutorial that helps users conduct effective searches in Google

... and more

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