22 March 2009

AgInfo exchange for Near East and North Africa

The Near East and North Africa Rural & Agricultural Knowledge and Information Network is facilitated by FAO and AARINENA to improve regional and national information infrastructure and  to build common standards and platforms for knowledge exchange and information management in the Near East and North Africa region.

The portal is an entrance to a wide range of information resources from the region and the partners involved - country reports, good practices, thematic knowledge networks, events, projects and more ... You can also sign up for RSS feeds.

A presentation by Magdi Latif explains the NERAKIN approach and tools used to maintain the portal. It was designed with to have the following capabilities:
  • Meeting International Data Exchange Requirements for Information Standards and Tools for Content Management
  • Open System Architecture: The system is fully dynamic, built and developed under object oriented concepts using the latest technology and modern object oriented language 
  • Portability: It is capable to be deployed easily in other machines and portable devices 
  • User Friendly: It has a friendly interface and it easy to use and simple to configure
  • Dynamic Workflow Back end Interfaces: The system has a dynamic workflow in the advanced Content Management System (CMS) 
  • Centralized and Distributed System: The NERAKIN architecture on the one hand will enable all participating institutions to upload their materials in a centralized system, and on the other hand will allow for the development of distributed systems at institutional levels
Finally, it also contains a series of country reports on agricultural information systems and services in the region as well as useful contacts for people working on these issues.

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