01 February 2009

Knowledge sharing is ...

At the recent 'sharefair' in Rome, participants recorded short video responses to the question: "What's the added value of knowledge sharing to your work and your organization?"

The responses show that knowledge sharing is seen to be:
  • nothing but an added value
  • gets research results out
  • helps cross fertilization among dispersed centers
  • is determined by the culture of an organisation
  • helps delivering on poverty reduction strategies
  • is key to create links across different sectoral issues
  • to come up with innovative solutions
  • to do business in a different way
  • helps us to get the story from the field
  • makes organisations more efficient
  • is necessary to do complex work in a complex world
  • has multiplier effects
  • brings in new experiences
  • enhances cooperation among organisations
  • is the most effective way to learn new things
  • is power!
  • connects people that work on the same problems
  • reaches the part of your body that other sort of work doesn't
  • to change the way FAO does business and contribute to the development process
  • creates and sustains the value of research
  • is part of our life!
  • is a social process
  • is essential to develop projects that do work
  • is a process
FAO's Stephen Rudgard argues that by sharing properly, we can achieve results that otherwise would take much longer to achieve:

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