20 June 2009

Kenya's Cybercafé in a container: rural mobile internet stations

The lives of Maasai men and women in rural Kenya’s community will never be the same now that they have access to maarifa – knowledge in the Kiswahili language.

Launched in April by the Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN), the new Community Knowledge Centre lies in the heart of Maasai country and is the newest of four containerised community knowledge centres in the region.

Men and women from the local communities can now walk over to the station from their village to surf (or learn to surf) the internet and ALIN’s website to learn about better agricultural practices, marketing, environmental management, as well as content generation and dissemination including the cultural knowledge of the Maasai.

The centre will also facilitate delivery of e-Government services, e-Education and support skills-building among the youth from the area.

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