24 July 2009

Top IT opportunities for agricultural research organizations

Prepared by Enrica Porcari, this document lists and assesses thirty-three technologies likely to benefit the CGIAR.

She rated the technologies on five criteria: effectiveness, cost reduction, practicality, user satisfaction and low cost.

"The highest rated technologies and processes comprise: System-wide Software and Service Acquisition; Email Archive Appliance as part of the Storage Infrastructure; Virtualization 2.0; Chargeback; Training Programs; Hosted Email (a SaaS example); Social Software; Periodic Security Scans; BlackBerry, iPhone, ActiveSync and Upgrade to Exchange 2007."

"The middle tier is filled with specific technologies with considerable appeal, but which require decisions about their cost-effectiveness. Mashups & Composite Applications, Low-cost Desktops, Business Continuity, Unified Communications, Offline SharePoint, Automated Failover for Critical Network Components, Local SharePoint Services, Highly Secure Local Networks with Intrusion Prevention, Metadata Management, and Open Source for Servers and Desktops."

"The items at the end of the list comprise: Green IT, Upgrade to Windows Server 2008, Business Process Management, Secure Local Networks with Intrusion Prevention, Web Platform & WOA, NAC - Network Access Control, Computing Fabrics, Systemwide Central IP PBX, New Enterprise Architecture, Alternatives to Active Directory and Real World Web."

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