10 August 2009

Bhutan and Costa Rica sharing knowledge on on agricultural technologies

The Information and Communication Services (ICS), Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Bhutan and National Institute for Transference of Agriculture Technology (INTA), Costa Rica has a project called, “Development of local capacities on environmental friendly agricultural technologies through knowledge management process between Bhutan and Costa Rica.”

The main objectives of the project are to share the agriculture technologies between two countries through exchange visits by researchers and extension agents of the two countries. The project will support agricultural technology transference using ICT communication for developing as its basic tools resulting in two platforms, VERCON-PLATICAR.

The Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network (VERCON) is a platform for MoA to link research and extension (R&E) communities using new information and communication technologies (ICTs) complementing traditional information and communication systems in Bhutan while the Rural and Agricultural Platform for Technology, Information and Communication (PLATICAR) is a platform specialised in providing information services and communication of farming technologies in Costa Rica. Both are the Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO) supported projects.

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