05 August 2009

Third edition of the International Tech For Food Forum

Tech For Food took place on 25 February 2009 during the International Agricultural Show at Paris. You can download the synthesis of the Symposium.


Session 1: How can we improve the use of web-based information platforms for agriculture in the countries of the South? [presentations - PDF]
  1. e-agriculture.org, a global web platform for the development of information technology for sustainable agriculture (Sophie Treinen).
  2. SIST, a platform for promoting African expertise and research for sustainable development (Joël Sor + Thierry Helmer).
  3. E-sagu, an agricultural advisory system based on the use of Information and Communication Technology (Pr Krishna Reddy)
Session 2: How can technological development integrate the needs of the agricultural world? [presentations - PDF]
  1. Nokia Life Tools, mobile phone service adapted to the needs of farmers in emerging countries. (Jawahar Kanjilal)
  2. Living Labs (Ms. Durieux, Senator of the Hautes Pyrenées and André Loechel)
Workshop: Tech For Food joins in the action.
  1. Educ Phyto in Africa: educational software for agricultural practices. (Jean-Marc Petat and Bernard Bachelier)
  2. Digital screens for better knowledge transfer in Madagascar (Perlive Rahaga Rabenitany)
Session 3: Tech for Food, Focus on India: Agricultural development and new technology: lessons from the Indian experience [presentations - PDF]

Session 4: The satellite revolution in India, an example for developing countries?[presentations - PDF]

Session 5: What role does new technology play in the agricultural revolution in countries of the South? [presentations - PDF]
  1. e-choupal, a community and advisory centre for Indian farmers that uses new technology. (V. Sreenivasan)
  2. Digital Green, a system for sharing agricultural information via participatory video. (Rikin Gandhi)
  3. Akashganga: the use of IT to improve collection in dairy cooperatives. (Sachin Shah and Alpesh Shah)
See presentations in video (mix of French and English):

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