03 August 2009

Intel India’s efforts to bridge the rural digital divide

In August last year Intel India announced the launch of an industry-wide movement called the ‘Connected Indians’ where government, industry associations and private enterprise come together for the common cause of connecting a billion Indians. The movement was intended to mobilize people, resources and infrastructure to connect citizens to information, ideas, people, capital and services leading to overall development and future success.

Since launch, a number of initiatives have been undertaken under the aegis of the Connected Indians movement. Among these, includes The Connected Indians site (www.connectedIndians.com) itself contains a mine of information on the benefits of internet and how it has improved both lives and lifestyles in rural and urban India alike. Users post stories on how the Internet has transformed their lives giving hope and confidence to many more. Stalwarts from various industries speak of the movement and their reasons to support it.

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