25 August 2009

Mobile Ag Lab takes research from the field to the farmer

The newly equipped Mobile Precision Ag Lab in Clemson University is a mini data-center on wheels that takes Clemson agricultural research from the field to the farmer (see related video).

From the back of the trailer, the Ag Lab can share real-time results of Clemson studies and demonstrate the principles of precision agriculture.

Recognizing that not everyone has the time and means to visit field days at Clemson’s research and education centers, the Precision Ag Lab is taken to agricultural events and on-farm workshops around the state.

After connecting a laptop computer to a high-definition television, the Ag Lab can stream data live via the Internet. Data from in-ground moisture sensors, yield monitors and other devices allow farmers and growers to view test results up close and learn how they could apply the techniques on their own land.

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