22 August 2009

Agri-media use by farmers: Radio still on top

The National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) in the US recently carried out a 'wave study' of agri-media use by large-scale farm producers.

According to the press release "Large-scale commercial agricultural producers value radio most for daily agribusiness information." Furthermore, "the Internet has definitely become an important part of the producer's information sources; but the traditional ag media mix of print, radio, and television (ag/rural programming) is the most quantifiable and identifiable way to reach the producer on both a broad level, as well as a daily level."

In an interview for Agri Marketing, NAFB Executive Director Bill O'Neill is quoted: "Information-on-demand and its ready accessibility - an inherent advantage for radio - clearly matters more and more. Among many producers, valued information is being received daily from texting services and by Web-enabled cell phones, as well as via traditional media."

Press release (PDF)
Executive summary (PDF)

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