04 October 2009

E-Forum facilitates exchange between Chile and Colombia on Digital Repositories for Agriculture

The E-Forums are a joint effort of the FIA and FAO that aims to exchange views, experiences and best practices around the development and use of institutional repositories among participants, mostly members of RedAgroChile and also for the first time with the participation of members of the National Information and Communication Network for the Agricultural Sector (AGRONET), comprised of a community of Agricultural Information Management Specialists in Colombia.

The first issue raised in the Forum are the Institutional Digital Repositories. Participating experts in the field as Dr. Imma Subirats, FAO's information specialist.

For the development of the Forum, FIA has implemented a platform based on open source software available at www.innovacionagraria.cl/servicios/foro

The forum takes place from September 24 to October 22, 2009.

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