22 March 2010

Powering web-based knowledge sharing in agriculture

Simone Staiger-Rivas and colleagues just published an article entitled Learning to share knowledge for global agricultural progress in the International Journal of Web Based Communities.

The paper describes CGIAR and FAO web-based knowledge sharing and learning across the web (from 2008 - the timelag between action and dissemination is due to this being a peer-reviewed closed access journal).

Thye authors draw out 5 main lessons concerning 'web-based learning' on agricultural knowledge sharing:
  • The power of the young to convert senior staff
  • The power of face-to-face encounters in web-based learning
  • The power of diversity
  • The power of facilitation to cement ties
  • The power of shared resources

The article is closed access but, as the CIARD manifesto calls for, Simone has made sure that the final author version of the paper is available to us all.

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