22 December 2010

AgInfo Worldwide publishes papers from 13th IAALD Congress

In April 2010, the IAALD XIIIth World Congress brought together practitioners from countries around the world involved in the production, management, distribution or use of knowledge in the agricultural and rural development sectors.

Together, these practitioners and users exchanged information about new practices to support research, action and innovation for sustainable rural development.

The first of two special issues of 'Agricultural Information Worldwide' has just been published, with articles from the world congress.

View the special issue.

Contents of the special issue include:

  • How Can Information Contribute to Innovative Learning Processes? Insight from A Farmer University in Brazil
  • Developing a Mixed Knowledge Innovative System of Technical, Institutional and Traditional Information for Capacity Building and Empowerment of Multi-Stakeholders Networks in Rural Africa
  • Targeted Information Products and Services: Balancing Stakeholder Needs, Learning, and Strategy
  • Is There a Future for the Conventional Abstracting and Indexing Services?
  • Incorporating Use of a Mixed-media Information Tool into the Work of Actors Involved in the Development of Livestock Production in Tanzania; Dissemination, User Training, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Impact
  • Documentation for Building and Sharing Agroecological Knowledge
  • L'observatoire de la recherche agronomique en Algérie. Pour une intégration des pôles scientifiques dans le processus de développement
  • Knowledge Sharing on Best Practices for Managing Crop Genebanks
  • Communicating Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators: Lessons Learned
  • Capitalisation d’expériences et innovations institutionnelles en Afrique de l'Ouest

Presentations from the Congress are online at: www.slideshare.net/iaald/tag/aginfo10

More blog posts from the Congress are online at http://iaald.blogspot.com/search/label/aginfo10

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