15 October 2006

Administrating a 'virtual' research centre in Colombia

In July 2006, Rebecca Lee and Carlos González presented a paper outlining the experiences of the Colombian Centre for Innovation in Floriculture (Ceniflores) as a 'virtual' articulator between flower producers and research institutions.

To achieve its objectives, Ceniflores has acquired a systems infrastructure built completely on Internet applications, using a web-based architecture. This allows for information collection from multiple sources, its integration, and analysis. The information is available to different stakeholders through articulated networks (Business Web [B-Web]) built around the services offered, including access to documents, projects, research priority questionnaires, databases, and topic-based research networks, among others.

The technology used is based on various open source applications, dramatically reducing time and cost to implement each of the services. Furthermore, the use of existing applications and how they have been integrated, allow replication of the model by other centres that require the creation of web based networks.

Cenifores uses a wiki (by Tikiwiki) as its web publishing platform.

The paper was presented at the 2006 World Congress on Computers in Agriculture.


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