16 October 2006

REDIMA workshop on planning, managing and monitoring agricultural information projects/systems

In November 2004 and January 2005, INIBAP organized in partnership with CTA a regional workshop 'Towards a better management and use of Musa Information in Africa', which was held in two sessions in Njombé (Cameroon) and Kampala (Uganda). During this workshop, the participants (scientists and information specialists) decided to create a Musa Documentation and Information Network for Africa (REDIMA) to improve the flow of information concerning banana and plantain research and a better sharing and use of research results. REDIMA activities aim amongst others to reinforce the capacities of members and partners in the management and sharing of information for research and development, notably by organizing regional training workshops. REDIMA is coordinated by INIBAP, a program of IPGRI.

To help agricultural research institutes address the numerous constraints with regards to financing, planning, managing, and monitoring information activities, INIBAP, in the framework of REDIMA and with support from CTA, organizes a regional training workshop to train information managers on writing, planning, managing and monitoring information projects/systems or networks. The workshop is organized in two sessions according to the following programme: French session: Limbé, Cameroon, 23-27 October 2006; English session: Kampala, Uganda, 27 November – 1st December 2006.

Each session of the workshop will last for five days and will focus on:
  1. Planning for proposal writing (includes sub modules)
  2. Organising, managing and monitoring information services, systems and networks.
In all, 40 agricultural information officers from 27 Africain countries are expected to attend these two workshops.

Submitted by Josué Tetang Tchinda, REDIMA coordinator, yotetang AT yahoo.com




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