26 May 2007

IICA interconnected throughout the hemisphere via a Virtual Private Network

This year the Caribbean and Brazil have become part of IICA's Virtual Private Network (VPN), thus completing the project designed to facilitate the sharing of information and know-how, improve channels of communication and standardize the technological platforms in the Institute's Offices.

The VPN links the private networks of each Institute Office via the Internet, thus providing a private connection between IICA’s Offices and Headquarters, situated in Costa Rica.

"Services such as IP telephony, access to the Institute’s information and the content of its servers, software updates, printing and many others available in the Offices can be obtained through the VPN," explained Emmanuel Picado, IICA's Head of Informatics.

The investment required for this project has already yielded clear benefits for the Institute's communications, making IICA a pioneering organization in this technology and offering new alternatives for its technical cooperation services.


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