20 May 2007

AgNic 2007 meetings outcomes

The Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC) Annual Meeting was recently held at Mississippi State University May 10 - 11, 2007 with the theme "Charting a New Course". This year, there were over 40 participants representing 28 states, Washington DC, Canada, Italy, the Philippines, and Costa Rica. Additional information may be found on the AgNIC web site - presentations, notes, and other files are still being added.

One of the primary purposes of the meeting was to gain input for a revised strategic plan that will move the partnership forward. At the meeting, it was confirmed that AgNIC is still a viable concept; however, it was also recognized that even more active collaboration is needed if a new course is to be charted for a sustainable future. The challenges in today's fast-paced Internet environment are well-recognized. There is also an appreciation that AgNIC's role in the 'National Digital Library for Agriculture' (NDLA) needs to be clearly defined. Based on the meeting evaluations, everyone enjoyed the venue and the extraordinary hospitality afforded us by the Mississippi State University staff.

At the Executive Board meeting that followed the general meeting, it was determined to make a renewed effort to engage AgNIC partners by creating several new committees that will focus on marketing, technical applications, and new member support. In addition, based on the suggestions from a novel 'speed dating' exercise, the Executive Board identified three targeted projects that hold potential for grant opportunities, including "born digital", "reborn digital" (print to digital), and the NDLA. More information will be forthcoming on these committees and projects soon. Finally, the AgNIC membership and Executive Board will be looking at ways to work more closely with such organizations as USAIN and IAALD. The next year promises to be an active and productive one for all of AgNIC!

Report by Barbara Hutchinson


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