07 May 2007

IAALD World Congress 2008

From 24 to 27 August 2008, IAALD will co-organize the World Conference on Agricultural Information and IT. Co-sponsored with AFITA and WCCA, the congress theme is 'advancing information and communication management, knowledge creation and sharing, and the application of information technologies in agriculture.' Register

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This 12th World Congress of the International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists, the 6th World Congress on Computers in Agriculture, and 6th Asian Conference of IT in Agriculture will he held at the Atsagi Campus of the Tokyo University of Agriculture. The local organization is led by the Japanese Society of Agricultural Informatics and the Japanese Association of Agricultural Information Specialists.

According to the World Bank, agricultural development depends to a great extent on how successfully knowledge is generated and applied. Noting the exponential growth in information and communication technologies, especially the Internet, it suggests that knowing how to take advantage of new knowledge has become just as urgent as knowing how to generate and diffuse new knowledge.

While advancements in information and communication management, knowledge creation and sharing, and information technologies indeed offer many opportunities to work differently and more effectively, the broad agricultural information community faces significant challenges.

In particular, information and knowledge workers need to address shifts in agricultural production, trade and innovations systems as well as evolving concerns for sustainable rural livelihoods, the conservation of the environment, protection of rural lifestyles and landscapes, and urgent challenges linked with climate change and the search for renewable energy sources.

This Conference brings together researchers, communicators, knowledge managers, IT experts and information specialists to share and discuss the application and uses of information, knowledge and IT in agriculture. These include new applications of well established and understood technologies, innovative and entrepreneurial applications of emerging technologies, as well as issues related to policy and knowledge dissemination.

The Conference provides a precious chance for participants from all over the world to meet and share knowledge on all aspects of ag-bioscience information and agro-informatics development. Participants will be from diverse backgrounds, including practitioners, researchers, practitioners, educators and policy makers from various disciplines such as computer science, information technology, library and information science, archives, knowledge management, etc.

We expect the scope of the discussions to cover information technologies, information knowledge and communication activities related to the applied life sciences, including: agriculture, food from production to marketing, natural resources, fish and wildlife, environment, extension, communication, and education.

Some of the top ‘tags’ are likely to be:

geographic information systems – digital libraries – distance learning – open access – open source – eScience – eExtension – rural communication – mobile services – web applications – marketing and market information systems – web 2.0 – rural libraries – telecentres – semantic web – taxonomy and ontologies – metadata – knowledge management – e-agriculture – data mining – decision-support systems – intellectual property – security and privacy – ICT adoption – digital preservation – institutional repositories – databases – networking

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