02 May 2007

CaRAPN - weaving the policy net for agriculture in the Caribbean

The web site of the Caribbean Regional Agricultural Policy Network (CaRAPN) aims to support the wider involvement of all stakeholders in agricultural policy making processes in the region.

According to an article in December 2006 issue of Agribeat by IICA and CTA, the network is an "excellent source of agricultural policy information, providing news and issues, policy documents among others."

The network makes heavy use of information and communication technologies - ICTs - arguing that they "have a great deal to offer in the development of a policy network. They offer opportunities to enhance dialogue & communications for improving the policy process for enhancing agriculture and rural life in the 21st century. The use of ICTs in networking in a region such as the Caribbean, assists in reducing the geographical barriers, as well as improving the rapid, timely and cost effective flow of and access to information necessary to support the agricultural policy process."

CaRAPN's main networking and communication tool is it's web site. This "robust ICT facilitates virtual dialogue of its members and the sharing of knowledge and experiences in ‘real time’. It also facilitates the storage of a large quantity of information (reports, backgrounders, updates on projects etc) which can be easily updated as necessary."

The web site features information about the network, a Resource Centre (virtual library), e-forum (virtual discussion room) for members, news, calendar of events and links to other networks and organizations.


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