21 May 2007

Global Media and the Development Story

The IFPRI World Hunger Blog contains a story by G. Pascal Zachary reporting on ways that the media reports development stories.

In article in the IFPRI Forum, Zachary argues that "frank talk, fair information, and revealing analyses are essential" to address global challenges like climate change. He suggest that the "role of professional media — of newspapers, radio and television broadcasts, and the Internet — would seem to be as important as ever. Yet journalists around the world suffer from a range of new threats and old limitations that raise troubling questions about whether mass media can respond effectively to the great global challenges of our time."

"By shining a spotlight on policy debates, disseminating research results, and holding governments accountable, journalists play a critical role in the decisionmaking process. At the same time, they sometimes miss—or misinterpret—important stories."

Read the short commentary;
View the full report;
Comment in the IFPRI blog


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