22 June 2007

The Agricultural Information Management Standards Web Site

To support its work on the development of semantic standards in metadata and controlled vocabularies in the agricultural domain, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has established a web-based clearinghouse to provide a first access point for anyone is interested in agricultural information management standards and interoperability.

The Agricultural Information Management Standards (AIMS) web site is the main medium through which different players can interact and share information. The aim is to disseminate different standards and other information to support these standards. It provides, among others, resources related to standards and vocabularies in different formats, guidelines and documentation to facilitate understanding and reuse of the standards, training materials, tools, etc.

The aim is that the web site will progressively act as a dynamic meeting place for researchers and practitioners that are working on agricultural knowledge production, organization, and exchange with the aim of establishing common standards and guidelines.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

English Version of Iranian Agriculture News Agency (IANA) is now available online at http://www.iananews.com/english
You may want to add this link into your links section.

Thank You,
Aref Mohammadzadeh
Director of International Affairs of Iranian Agriculture News Agency (IANA)
Tehran, Iran

July 02, 2007  

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