02 June 2007

Join GFAR project to share information on agricultural organizations

The Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) seeks interested people to contribute to a joint project to easily share and update information on organizations in agriculture.

According to GFAR's Valeria Pesce, "All agricultural research and development organizations need updated and reliable information on other organizations and institutions, their expertise, projects and outputs." The problem is they each tackle the problem independently.

At the March 2007 meeting of the AgrisContent Taskforce, it was suggested that a 'distributed architecture' might work, in which organizations maintain basic standard information about themselves. GFAR, with FAO was tasked to further detail the proposed architecture [see the proposal].

To proceed with this project, Valeria and her colleagues need feedback on the proposal and the participation of as many organizations as possible. She will ensure that their collaboration only requires a very simple task: creating their own
description in the standard format, for which we will also provide a user-friendly web page that will automatically format the description.


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