21 July 2007

The quality of agricultural and farm information services in Kerala, India

Just posted to E-LIS (E-prints in Library and Information Science) is a 2004 PhD thesis by R. Raman Nair: "An investigative and evaluative study of factors affecting quality of agricultural and farm information services in Kerala. PhD thesis, Department of of Library and Information Science, University of Kerala."

This study evaluates the existing information resources, facilities, services, possibilities for resource sharing, accessibility of external sources, and the factors that affect the quality and efficiency of information services in the agricultural sector in the Indian State of Kerala.

The study found that agricultural research conducted at various institutions in the region at huge public expense has generated knowledge for improving production. Along with these, huge collections of acquired content is also stored in the sector. But when a farmer, an extension worker, a scientist or an administrator needs information it is not easily accessible. The study found that agricultural sector fails to effectively bank on information resources available due to the lack of an information system and network. Recommends an Agricultural and Farm Information System for Kerala and a computer communication network for resource sharing between the agricultural institutions in the State, which will also ensure, smooth flow of results of research down to the grassroots level to achieve maximum productivity in agriculture.

See also the article Agricultural Information Service for the Farmers and the Public: a Study


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