13 April 2008

Sri Lanka universities develop agricultural educational content with wikis

As part of its L3 Farmers project, the Commonwealth of Learning and the Sri Lanka Association of Distance Educators recently organized a workshop on Open (Agricultural) Education Resources. Participants from 5 universities learned to use WikiEducator to develop educational content, they also prepared interactive lessons on different topics.

The wiki pages show what went on in the 4-day workshop; visitors can also view lessons on the following topics:
  1. Chilli Leaf Curl complex and its Management
  2. Housing and Feeding of Poultry
  3. Banana Cultivation
  4. Chilli Diseases
  5. Cost of Production in Rice Cultivation
The pages are still very much 'work in progress' but they show what can be done in a short time. Feedback and requests for further information should be sent to Krishna Alluri at COL.

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