04 April 2008

More on IAALD blog metrics and use

In September 2006, we published a posting on IAALD blog metrics and use. We were proud to record 7,851 unique visitors and 18,500 page loads in our first year. How are we doing now?

For this blog in 2007, 'StatCounter' recorded 36,000 page loads and 12,800 unique visitors (28,800 page loads and 10,800 visitors in 2006).

Our RSS feeds and email alerts (that combine the blog posts with del.icio.us tagged items) were viewed 78,800 times in 2007, generating 2,500 clickthroughs to news items (this is sure rise in 2008 as we already recorded 22,000 views and 3,000 clickthroughs!).

What are you reading? See the most viewed blog postings and feed items (at April 2008).

Where are visitors coming from?

ClusterMaps shows a truly global readership, except China, large chunks of Russia and Brazil, and some parts of Africa. Strong concentrations in North America, Europe, South Asia, Australia, and parts of Africa.

'Google Analytics' lists the top sources of visitors so far in 2008: USA (23%), Netherlands (8.5%), India (8.2%), UK (4.5%), France (3.5%), Italy (3.1%), Canada (2.9%), Philippines (2.7%), Kenya (1.8%), Colombia (1.7%), Germany (1.4%), Australia (1.4%), Nigeria (1.3%), Costa Rica (1.2%), Iran (1.1%), Ghana (1.1%), and Malaysia (1%).

This all seems to show steady, growing, interest in the issues covered, and an increasing willingness by some people to sign up to email alerts and RSS feeds. Another very noticeable trend is the massively increased visits to some blog stories that follow when an email message is sent out to IAALD members announcing recent postings.

IFPRI's Pete Shelton recently blogged on the impact of web sites, giving "a few potential indicators for measuring impact on the web while trying to provide my own impressions on their overall value and utility for measuring impact."


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Blogger Stephan said...

Congratulations to very informative blog.

One question: Is there a specific reason why you do not share full posts through your feed?

It would make it much easier to follow for those of us who use feed readers a lot.


April 06, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Stephan

The main, multilingual, feed is an index of blog postings and more items from our del.icio.us account.

To get just the blog items, try http://feeds.feedburner.com/AginfoBlogFromIaald



April 06, 2008  
Blogger Stephan said...

Thanks Peter... Just subscribed. I should have just had a closer look at the subscription links you offer!

April 10, 2008  

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