24 September 2008

e-Extension down under ...

In Australia, Dean Power and Think eExtension are all about the "use of Web 2.0 and Social Media tools in engagement, knowledge sharing and creation, and community cultivation of Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Resource Management and Environmental Stakeholders." Check out blog postings with the label e-Extension (also on the eco2oh blog ...

There's also a nice paper by John James at a 2007 APEN event - Using e-Extension to better engage with clients and enable change. Reviewing various extension approaches, he identifies likely web 2.0 tools that can be applied, arguing that these tools will particularly increase engagement and collaboration among extension workers and their clients.

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Anonymous Dean said...

G'day Peter, thanks for dropping by eco2oh and THINKeEXTENSION. John James is an old friend of mine and we have been talking eExtension and Extension for many years now. Your blog is great and has a stack of resources that I will be working my way through. I love the Blip.tv vids. We need to find a way to work together. All the best. Dean

September 27, 2008  

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