02 September 2009

Creating a web-based virtual community in forestry

With examples from the forest sector, Eva Haviarova and Richard P. Vlosky "break down the general steps required to ideate, create, and launch a successful on-line generic Internet-based community."

Their conclusions: "Building a Web community requires a lot of planning. The recipe for building a Web community given here is very generic in nature. Although examples were for building a Web community for the forest industry, the process can be used for any industry with only relatively minor changes.

In building a Web community, one has to be always aware of why it is being built and how it will be successful. Once a Web community is successful, the next step might be to introduce a notion of carrying out e-commerce through the Web community. Another area would be inventory management to enhance and make efficient the entire supply chain of the industry. These steps would depend upon the level of success and commitment by the industry members."

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