28 October 2009

Making information accessible: Good practices and pathways

After many months preparation and gestation, CIARD has published a revised Checklist of Good Practices in disseminating research information (see also the manifesto: Towards a Knowledge Commons on Agricultural Research for Development).

Several draft CIARD Pathways have also been made available to explain and illustrate how research outputs can be made more available, accessible and applicable. These capture good practices from around the world.

The pathways are clustered in three groups: Group 1, called 'Developing Institutional Readiness' focuses particularly on areas of change in both policy frameworks and individual researcher behaviour. Group 2 on 'Increasing the Availability and Accessibility of Research Outputs – Collection and Preservation' focuses on technical and policy approaches to ensure that websites/repositories fulfil their purpose of making research outputs more accessible and available. Group 3 pathways look beyond websites and repositories and are focused on 'Increasing the Availability and Accessibility of Research Outputs – Making Content Widely Accessible on the Web.'

Comments and feedback on individual pathways are invited (login is required).

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