30 November 2009

YouthConnect launched in China to connect rural and urban schools

Dell YouthConnect, a global program designed to support education and digital inclusion initiatives for underserved youth, was launched in Beijing. Dell awarded $2 million in cash and in-kind grants of products to the China Education Development Foundation (CEDF) and the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF).

The program will connect rural and urban schools through technology and create an interactive education network that can realize resources sharing between rural and urban areas. As a result, the education quality in rural areas can be improved while nurturing collaboration, information sharing, and creativity.

Prior to the launch of the Dell YouthConnect Program, Dell has donated over $740,000 to set up 25 Dell Learning Centers in 15 cities across China since 2006. Dell YouthConnect was first inaugurated in February 2009 with grants totaling more than $2.7 million, to 11 organizations in Brazil, India, and Mexico. The program will also be rolled out in four more countries by the end of this year.

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