24 March 2010

CIAT dives into social media and blogging

In May 2009, CIAT Director General Ruben Echeverría set out some information accessibility directions for CIAT - on the the 15 CGIAR-supported research centers.

He argued that CIAT "can gain a lot from social media like blogs and video that can increase our ‘social footprint’ – beyond words and text!" ...

It looks like our CIAT colleagues have been busy being 'social' ...

CIAT blogs, in Englsh and Spanish, are used to report on projects and developments at CIAT.

CIAT's new Decision and Policy Analysis Program (DAPA) website runs on a wordpress blogging platform and links to series of sub-blogs.

A recent CIAT blog post reports that the CIAT Flickr photo-sharing site has reached 100,000 visits, in under a year.

The CIAT and DAPA blogs also link to videos on Blip TV as well as posters and presentations on Slideshare.

Note: CIAT will host a regional knowledge share fair in Colombia, late in May 2010.

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