21 April 2010

Special E-agriculture issue hits the stands

I4D magazine is producing a special issue on e- agriculture in April in partnership with the e-Agriculture Community of Practice. I4D is published by CSDMS (Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies) in India. This special issue showcases recent advances in agricultural and rural development from around the world through the innovate use of ICT. Access the special issue online.

Articles include:

The Commodity that Survived the Economic Downturn: Mobiles for development

Mobile Telephony in Rural Areas: The Latin American perspective

Smallholder farmers and ICT-KM

Rural farmers’s information network in Mali and Burkina Faso

A Study of Prioritisation of Information Related Needs of Farmers

Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network (VERCON): e-Agriculture in action

Agropedia: Revolutionising Indian agriculture

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