09 June 2010

The mobile decade for agriculture?

Wall Street has called the end of an era and the beginning of the next one: The most important technology product no longer sits on your desk but rather fits in your hand." This excited introduction comes from a recent article in the New York Times celebrating the point last month when Apple computers overtook Microsoft as the No 1 technology company by value. From the rural development point of view, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, this has been evident for some time which is why CTA is focusing on researching and sharing experiences on how mobile digital devices can support rural communities.

Antonella Pastore of the CGIAR ICT/KM programme recently blogged a report about the CTA workshop during IAALD Congress 2010. The report includes examples of the stories that participants exchanged on how these devices are impacting communities and summarises the outcomes of the Knowledge Cafe discussions.

CTA also interviewed a number of people at the Congress to get their views about the potential and challenges posed by mobile devices.

Annriette Esterhuysen had engaged the workshop with a story of how mobile phones have enriched a long-standing rural radio project.

Interviewed at the IAALD Congress 2010, Anriette Esterhuysen, Executive Director of APC (Association of Progressive Communications) reflects on the characteristics of mobile devices, their impact and the need to maintain a balanced view of their potential.

Michael Riggs, of FAO, reminded us that mobiles are in no way a new technology.

Interviewed at the IAALD Congress 2010, Michael Riggs of FAO gives some background to the work of FAO, CTA, IICD and others in developing a new conceptual framework for ICT4D. He also gives a measured view of what he sees as the role and importance of mobile devices.

Story by Pete Cranston

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Blogger M.Lakshmanan said...

In India,mobile devices are prevalent in agricultural MIS;enhancing one to one communication in farming and rural communities

June 11, 2010  

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