17 April 2011

Rural knowledge networking in Asia - the ENRAP experience

ENRAP Knowledge Networking for Rural Development in Asia-Pacific Region was a network formed as a partnership between IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) and IDRC (International Development Research Centre) to support knowledge sharing amongst the poverty alleviation projects and partners of IFAD located in the Asia-Pacific region.

Over the past ten years, ENRAP fostered links between communities, IFAD project and partner staff, policy makers, research institutions and innovators. In the process, it pioneered a number of methodologies and innovations to create a vibrant network of relationships and explored direct links between knowledge access and rural livelihoods.

ENRAP's work in motivating isolated communities and helping them to build capacity for knowledge sharing has important lessons for all those engaged in the development sector. A full account of the evolution of this network, and the challenges of bringing together remote communities across barriers of language, poor connectivity and resource constraints, is available on the ENRAP web site.

Download the report: Strengthening rural livelihoods : the impact of information and communication technologies in Asia

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