07 November 2005

CATIE, FAO, and IICA launch integrated library application for agricultural networks

At a training course "Management of agricultural digital libraries" held in Costa Rica 3-7 October 2005, the sponsoring agencies (FAO, IICA/CATIE, ICIE) launched a new library package called LISAGR. The new application supports several core library functions and is consistent with the AGRIS methdology and application profile used to document, retrieve, and exchange agricultural information worldwide.

The new application combines elements from two existing packages WEBAGRIS (including cataloguing and OPAC modules) and WEBLIS (including acquisitions, loans, and statistics modules).

Information about the new system is available in English and Spanish on the LISAGR launch site. From here, you can view three short videos online - or offline after downloading them. For now, LISAGR is being tested in the Orton Library of IICA/CATIE after which it will be made available to the wider community. It is expected that the real installation package will be ready in January 2006 - for distribution through the AGRIS WEB site.




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