01 November 2005

Open access archive on organic agriculture

The Danish Research Centre for Organic Farming (DARCOF) and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in Switzerland are managing an open access Organic Eprints archive. The archive includes a presentation by one of the site managers - Hugo Fjelsted Alrøe - that explains the process they followed to set up, populate and edit the archive.

The archive is an open access tool to support research in organic agriculture. Its main objectives are to facilitate the communication of research papers and proposals, to improve the dissemination and impact of research findings, and to document the research effort. The archive is designed to facilitate international use and cooperation.

As of 1 November 2005, the archive contains more than 3100 papers - preprints (pre-review), postprints (post-review) and reprints (published) of scientific papers, conference papers and posters, theses, reports, books and book chapters, magazine articles, web products, project descriptions, and other published or unpublished documents.

The only criteria for acceptance are that the documents are relevant to research in organic agriculture (including on knowledge management, that they have a finished form that is ready to enter into a process of communication, and that the required metadata information is correct.


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