07 December 2005

Devising and designing a European forest information system

In recent years, organisations in Europe have been examining the feasibility of a Network for a European Forest Information Service (NEFIS). A new report on the NEFIS knowledge base on Forest Information Systems looks at the description, discovery, communication and sharing of forest information from an information/computer science perspective.

The report deals with the rationale and background of information technology use in forest information systems - the objectives, goals and success factors. It also analyses some key forest information processes at the European / International level before going on to look at the commonality between these processes to build a generic conceptual framework for a European Forest Information System. The report primarily covers the User View of the system and considers the overall system architecture required to fulfill the user requirements.

This is part of a series of short stories highlighting forest information initiatives showcased in the Oxford Forest Information Service centenary meeting.


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