10 February 2008

Communication strategies in forestry extension

Although published in 2005, the IUFRO/FAO report on Communication Strategies for Multiple Partner Involvement in Forestry Extension explores some topical issues, particularly the shifts in orientation from "transfer of technology towards systems thinking and the facilitation of social and mutual learning among stakeholders."

"Communication among participants in extension has become more important than ever."

The papers in this report - from developed and developing regions - were presented at an IUFRO Extension Working Party Symposium held in late 2004, and present a wide range of cases on:
  • learning processes and collective action in forestry extension;
  • approaches, tools and methods of extension communication in forestry and agroforestry;
  • information and organizational needs of small-scale forest landowners;
  • balancing the public good and private interests in small-scale forestry.

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