15 September 2009

Digital divide would exacerbate in world regions and within countries.

An article in BroadBand Expert says that whilst there has been much talk about the digital divide in the UK between those with access to broadband Internet and those without, some industry officials believe that high speed internet will bring with it a new form of digital divide.

Concern over the digital divide that has been seen in the UK with regards to those able to access broadband internet and those unable to get adequate access to this service. It has mainly been rural areas where adequate access has been restricted and urban areas where there has been a greater level of access to broadband internet.

However, officials believe that the problem could continue even if the government is successful in bringing broadband access to all. Soome industry experts believe that despite these government efforts a new kind of digital divide is set to erupt in the UK over the coming years, and this will be between those able to access high speed Internet at speeds of 50Mbps or more and those only able to access the most basic broadband speeds. “Ultra broadband will exacerbate the digital divide among different world regions, as well as within countries. Governments in countries that lag behind in the deployment of ultra broadband will come under increasing pressure to use public funds to upgrade broadband infrastructure to avoid falling behind.", says an official in the article.

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