07 January 2011

ICT in Agriculture: Perspectives of Technological Innovation

Ehud Gelb reports on the fifth year of the free, public domain e-Book: "ICT in Agriculture: Perspectives of Technological Innovation":

During 2010 our book was accessed 38% more times than in 2009 (311287 vs. 225168).
(You may recall that during all of our first year the book was accessed a total of only 38927 times.....).

The e-Book is geared to provide insights to ICT developers and decision makers - assisting to avoid repeating past non optimal decisions. Hopefully this goal was attained by the 93 countries which averaged more than 10 accesses a month.

This opportunity to share the results with you and others will hopefully elicit ideas, comments, updates and maybe even new chapters for 2011. A detailed summary presentation of the e-Book's five year results is planned for the EFITA 2011 Conference in Prague.

Visit the book: http://departments.agri.huji.ac.il/economics/gelb-main.html

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