12 December 2007

DFID research consultation updates

In the past four months, thousands of people have contributed to the UK Department for International Development’s consultation process to inform its Research Strategy 2008-2013.

Reports from the electronic and face to face consultations have already been posted on the R4D portal and blog.

It's possible to get regular updates - as email alerts - from the results of the country workshops and other discussions.

Sign up for updates and news on the DFID Research Strategy Consultation

Sign up for latest research news from DFID

To sign up to an email alert, click on the linked text. A new window will open where you can enter your email address. Later, you will receive a message in your email from ‘confirmations@emailenfuego.com’ asking you to confirm the subscription. You need to click the ‘confirm’ link.

Some other topic-specific alerts on research funded by DFID that might be interesting to subscribe to are:


Capacity Building

Climate Change


Information and Communication, ICTs

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