25 April 2010

IAALD blog reaches 1000 postings

We started this IAALD blog in June 2005 - just after the IAALD World Congress in Kentucky. The aim was to report on developments worldwide concerning agricultural information, knowledge, ICTs, libraries, extension, and communication.

Almost 5 years later, we published blog posting number 1000 - CIAT dives into social media and blogging.

In April 2008 we posted some information on the blog and its metrics. How does it now look?

Using Google analytics data for the past 15 months, we can see that blog visits came from: the Americas (39.64%), Europe (30.96%), Asia (17.94%), Africa (9.93%), and
Oceania (1.31%).

The top countries, in terms of vists were:

United States: 15.52%
India: 8.17%
Netherlands: 5.83%
Chile: 5.06%
France: 4.18%
United Kingdom: 3.84%
Italy: 3.35%
Croatia: 3.05%
Spain: 2.84%
Colombia: 2.59%

The top 10 blog postings in the same period were:
  1. What roles for the agricultural library of the future?
  2. Combining Twitter with a live discussion on agricultural knowledge sharing
  3. The Agricultural Library of the Future: Points from the Rome discussion
  4. IFLA 2010 AgLibraries group: Current Trends in Agricultural Information Services for Farmers
  5. Promising opportunities for agricultural information specialists
  6. Scientific and technical information and rural development: Highlights of innovative practices
  7. Communicating a new research output: IFPRI strategies
  8. How accessible is your agricultural information?
  9. Lifelong learning with farmers in Madurai, South India
  10. Social media for agricultural science?

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