11 January 2011

China Agricultural Libraries Society Conference Report

The 2010 Annual Conference of Chinese Agricultural Libraries Society (CALS) on “Innovation and Development of Digital Libraries” was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province Oct. 25-27, 2010. The conference was organized by CALS together with other partners including Jiangxi Agricultural University, Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Agricultural Information Institute (AII) of CAAS. Over 80 agricultural librarians and information specialists from more than 20 agriculture-related institutions attended the conference.

On the theme of digital library innovation and development, a number of presentations were given at the meeting, including “International Agricultural Information Exchange and Sharing”, “Library Service Innovation in the Environment of New Technologies”, “Digital Library Service Innovation and Development in the Library of Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences”, “Digital Information Resources Publicity in Agricultural University Libraries”, and “Development Strategy and Service Mode in Agricultural Digital Libraries”. Also, the CIARD (Coherence in Information for Agricultural Research for Development) initiative and CIARD RING were introduced to the participants. Discussions were conducted on topics of significance for international agricultural information exchange and sharing, and how to promote and contribute to an international agricultural information sharing system.

The IAALD China Chapter distributed a Chinese version of new IAALD promotional pamphlets. As a result, participants had a clearer understanding of the IAALD mission, benefits of IAALD membership, and how to join the Association. A number of library representatives showed interest in IAALD activities. The IAALD China Chapter plans to follow-up by distributing IAALD membership forms to the related libraries to facilitate new memberships.

During the conference, participants extensively exchanged research findings, working experiences, and ideas in digital library construction and services and network information sharing. We believe the conference resulted in promoting the development of agricultural library services in China in today’s rapid changing information environment.

by Xianxue Meng, President, IAALD China Chapter

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